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How to set your Jetson unit into the Recovery mode?

The USB-C Port is used for connecting Aetina Jetson units to a Host Linux PC.

  • Important: Back up all personal files in case of starting a flashing process.

Recovery Process:

  1. Prepare for Recovery: Power on your Aetina Jetson device.
  2. Connect to Host: Link the Jetson's OTG port to a Host Linux system.
  3. Initiate Recovery Sequence: Hold the 'Reset' and 'Recovery' buttons on the Jetson simultaneously.
  4. Release 'Reset': After holding both for 1 second, first release the 'Reset' button.
  5. Release 'Recovery': Then release the 'Recovery' button to enter Recovery Mode.
  6. Confirm Mode: The Jetson should be listed as an NVIDIA USB device on the Host Linux PC, confirming Recovery Mode is set.

Confirming Recovery Mode is set

Open a terminal window on your Host Linux PC and enter command:

$ lsusb

The Jetson module is in Force Recovery Mode if you see the message:

Bus Device : ID 0955: Nvidia Corp.