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Meet High Security Facial Recognition Solution at GTC 2019

Since Smart city or Smart life is getting more and more popular, lots of corporations have started to search the solution to make their company “smarter”. For those demands we keep working on AI recognition total solutions. This time Aetina and our eco-partner TCIT present the smart facial recognition solution for high security access control system.

▌Aetina Jetson Edge AI Computing Platform

technology of 3D facial recognition

With Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform, built by Nvidia Jetson module and Aetina Jetson carrier board: AX710/ AN310/ ACE-N510/ ACE-N622, this particular solution provides high performance edge computing ability and as small as 87x50mm form factor. In the same, Aetina Jetson platform supports driver-ready extension VID (video-image-detection) and peripheral modules.

▌Access Control System for Highest Level Security

technology of 3D facial recognition

In the other hand, the fully integrated and stand-alone access control system is designed for Multi-factor authentication in all entries and protects sensitive areas. And it’s capable to customize combined with three different kinds of identification way, which are facial recognition (TCIT FACELOCK), iBeacon (5G communication technology) and electronic identification technology (TCIT IDTRACK).

Additionally, developers can connect Aetina Jetson Platform with company’s personnel-attendance system, as the result this system makes personnel-attendance management much easier and also removes the risks of losing the access control item or forgetting to punch time card. That’s why it’s perfect for the high security demands industrials such as large corporations, bank, financial inst., hotels and VIP clubs.

▌Key Features

• High Performance Edge Computing : 11 TFLOPS & 512 Cores
• Small-Form factor: 87 x 50mm (Smallest Carrier)
• Low Recognition Latency: recognition time 15ms/person
• High Quantity Database: Up to 20,000 enterprise level databases
• Driver-Ready Peripheral: Extension VID, I/O and Storage Module Supported
• Multi-factor authentication: facial recognition, PIN code and RFID

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Jetson Carrier Board for Facial Recognition

Aetina Embedded Jetson Platform
AX710 ACE-N510 AN310
Support Extension 10G LAN The smallest and slim carrier board Support Up to 6x MIPI Cameras
3D Facial Recognition 3D Facial Recognition 3D Facial Recognition
112x107 mm 87x50 mm 87x70 mm
Wide Tempurature
-40°C to 85°C -20°C to 70°C -40°C to 85°C
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