Quick Set Up Embedded AI System Accelerating Intelligent Traffic Management

Aetina Jetson Platform with YUAN’s Video Capture Solution and SDK for Smart Traffic

Aetina collaborates eco-partner YUAN integrate Aetina Embedded Edge AI Computing Platform with YUAN’s video capture solutions and deep learning SDK, which reducing the loading of video decoding that let GPU focus on AI computing and providing quick embedded AI system setting for smart traffic applications.

▌Release the Power of GPU and SDK For Smart Traffic Projects

Aetina Jetson Platform with Yuan’s Video Capture Solution and SDK for Smart Traffic

Consists of Aetina Jetson platform with YUAN’s capture card and SDK, this high performance embedded AI system is ideal for those space-constrained smart traffic projects, such as traffic flow calculation, vehicle recognition, parking slot management and traffic law enforcement, not only decreasing the cost on developing but also saving the time to focus on system optimization.

▌Our Value-Added Services

Aetina Jetson Platform with Yuan’s Video Capture Solution and SDK for Smart Traffic

For customizing demands, this SDK includes a labeling software, which provides the deep learning training tool to fulfill all kinds of AI projects. Developers can define their own VID rules, then plug them into embedded platform as the starter kit to quickly and flexibly build the edge AI computing system.

Last but not least, Aetina’s Jetson carrier boards are designed in small form factor with fully supported driver-ready extension VID and peripheral I/O module to fit different edge computing scenario.

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Jetson Carrier Boards for Smart Traffic

Aetina Embedded Jetson Platform
AX710 AN310
Support Extension 10G LAN Support Up to 6x MIPI Cameras
Smart Traffic Smart Traffic
112x107 mm 87x70 mm
Wide Tempurature
-40°C to 85°C -40°C to 85°C
More Detail More Detail