The Innovation of Edge AI Computing Platform for Intelligent Logistics

Fulfill the Warehouse Automated with Long Distance Camera and Remoted Management Platform

Personnel and Management expenses play a big part in logistics industry, and warehouse automated can be the best way to reduce those costs. Aetina integrates our edge AI computing platform with long distance FPDLink-III module, which supports maximum 15m cable length to fit in all kinds of AGV. In the same time, we connect AGV and the administrator with Innodisk iCAP ™, the remoted management platform that fulfill the real-time edge devices monitoring.

▌Warehouse Automated Solution

The Innovation of Edge AI Computing Platform for Intelligent Logistics

Designed for long distance purpose, this FPDLink-III camera module possesses MIPI interface that bring out high quality image transmission ability and also flexible cable length with maximum 15m. With Aetina Nvidia Jetson carrier board, AX710 or AN310, edge AI computing platform supports up to 6 FHD camera modules in the same time. It is ideally suitable for surrounded view and space-constrained embedded applications in AGV.

▌Remoted Management Platform : Innodisk iCAP™

The Innovation of Edge AI Computing Platform for Intelligent Logistics

In order to monitor the edge devices in the warehouse, we cooperate with Inndisk and set up the remoted management platform, iCAP, and provide the UI customization service according to the administrator’s requests, including GPU loading, storage states, batteries capacity or device localization. This platform gather data from all connected Aetina edge AI computing platform and store it on a central server, either on the cloud or on a company intranet. Then it allows the manager can easily access the remoted management platform from mobile device and achieve the goal of reducing the cost on management.

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Jetson Carrier Boards for Warehouse Automated

Aetina Embedded Jetson Platform
AX710 AN310
Support Extension 10G LAN Support Up to 6x MIPI Cameras
Smart Traffic Smart Traffic
112x107 mm 87x70 mm
Wide Tempurature
-25°C to 80°C -40°C to 85°C
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