Due to the vastness of the land in America and Eurasia, it’s difficult to manage the border. In the same time, it costs a lot to build and maintain the lighting system in the area that is lack regular access to electricity. That’s why the idea of smart frontier solar lighting robotic came out, Aetina and our ecosystem partner, Antzer, tried to build the movable solar lighting robot with edge AI computing platform and vehicle tracking system. Furthermore, this robotic is enabled to do the border patrol and ecological maintenance by connecting the surrounding camera.

▌Smart Frontier Solar Lighting Robotic

Smart Frontier Solar Lighting Robotic

Automatically Adjust the Solar Panels for Best Luminous Energy

The idea of smart frontier solar lighting robotic is based on a vehicle robot attached solar panels and LED lighting system. We connect it with Aetina embedded edge AI computing platform, which able to analysis the insolation information that collected by the optical sensor through real-time edge AI computing. As the result, the solar panels can adjust the facing orientation by the best solar zenith angle calculated by edge computing and save the solar energy for the night illumination.

Positioning by GPS and Dead Reckoning / Anti-Theft Detection

Through Antzer’s vehicle tracking system and sensor, the robotic and other equipment can be positioning by GPS and send out an alarm when the robotic got stolen. The vehicle tracking system also has the function of Geofence, which can customize the activity sphere, and automatically calculate the route as the robotic went out of the sphere through edge AI computing.

Remote Management Platform

The solar lighting robotic can collocate to Innodisk’s iCAP (Remote Management Platform), which enable to sent back the real-time status of the hardware equipment. The manager is allowed to monitor the battery stock, hardware loading, storage lifetime and the GPS information and use that information as the basis to deploy, maintain and repair the robotics.

Illegal Immigrant Detection / Eco-Care Data Collection

Additionally, Aetina embedded edge AI computing platform provides powerful extension connectivity and supports up to eight FHD camera modules, which can build a surrounding VID(Video-Image-Detection) system. By the high-performance real-time object detection and facial recognition ability, this smart solar lighting robotic can be used to do illegal immigrants detection and eco-care data collection, which reduce the cost of manual patrol and increase the homeland security.

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Jetson Carrier Boards for Smart Solar Lighting Robotic

Aetina Embedded Jetson Platform
AX710 ACE-N622
Support Up to 3x 4K MIPI Camera Modules Multi-Function Nano-ITX carrier board
AGX Xavier Carrier Board AX710 Jetson TX2 Carrier Board ACE-N622
112x107 mm 120x120 mm
Wide Tempurature
-25°C to +80°C -20°C to +70°C
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