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Digitalization already permeates every layer of society and will only keep spreading at increasing rates. Of all the industrials, defense and aerospace take the lead in high reliable demands to the hardware system. Based on the requests from different industrials, Aetina provides diversified GPGPU solutions. Among the solutions, edge AI computing platform and embedded MXM modules possess the advantages of high performance, high energy-efficient and high stability, which are suitable in defense and aerospace industrial to build the small-form real-time AI computing system for autonomous detection machines.

▌GPGPU Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

GPGPU Solutions for Defense and Aerospace

The Core of Autonomous Detection Machines : Embedded Edge AI Computing Platform

The latest Aetina edge AI computing platform : AX710-XAV-FN was designed in small form factor (112mm x 107mm) with industrial-grade components used, not only supports wide temperature ranging from -25°C to 80°C but also ESD-resistance to provide antistatic protection. Powered by Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier module, this edge computing platform provides 512 Volta Cores for unprecedented computing performance, and incredible energy efficiency that under 30W. As long as developers build the UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and reconnaissance robot by AI edge computing platform, then connect it with thermal sensor or sonic radar for environment information collection, the autonomous machines are able to do the real-time inference through edge computing and transmit the outcome to central control room for monitoring and decision. As the result, work division between edge and cloud successfully reduce the computing loading and latency-time in the control center.

High Performance and High Stability Parallel Computing Module : Embedded MXM Module

Since workstation and information center must deal with large amount of data simultaneously, the computing module with parallel operation ability become essential. Aetina provides embedded MXM modules, which are powered by Nvidia GPUs and deliver unmatched power efficient, advanced parallel graphics features, and the latest GPU technology. In the same time, with a dedication to conquer the harsh environments and critical missions, we not only offer rugged level MXM GPU modules with wide operating temperature range(-40°C to +85°C ) to sustain reliable operation even in temperature extremes, but also give option conformal coating services for resistance against dust, moisture, chemicals and physical stress. Those advantages allow our embedded MXM modules are suitable for rugged military laptops.

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▌Products for Autonomous Machines

Aetina Embedded GPGPU Solutions
AX710 M3P2000-LN
10G Lan Supported Carrier Board for AGX Xavier Nvidia Quadro Embedded P2000 MXM 3.1 GPU Module
AGX Xavier Carrier Board AX710 MXM Module M3P2000-LN
Nvidia CUDA Cores
512 Volta Cores 768 Pascal Cores
Wide Tempurature
-25°C to 80°C -40°C to 85°C
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