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Multi-display splitter box _MSB-DP39H_web_s Multi-display splitter box _MSB-DP39H_web_f Multi-display splitter box _MSB-DP39H_web_b
Multi-display splitter box _MSB-DP39H_web_s Multi-display splitter box _MSB-DP39H_web_f Multi-display splitter box _MSB-DP39H_web_b


3xDP input to 9xHDMI output video splitter
Maximum 5760x3600 high resolution, support 1920x1200 per port
Support EDID caching
Easy and quick installation without driver
Active cooling, low power consumption, low-profile metal case
Designed for any custom configurations with Aetina’s MView Power software


Aetina Multi Monitors Marvel M3 Box series is the simple, flexible and powerful multi-display splitter box to support a spectacular Ultra HD video wall with up to 4/8/9/12/16 displays. With plug & play design, M3 Box does not need to install any driver, providing 1:1 pixel to pixel meticulous output quality without any pixel loss. Ultra-high resolution and high compatibility.

M3 Box MSB-DP39H supports by 3x DP 1.4 input and 9x HDMI 1.4 output. With just one box that can flexibly deploy multi-monitors video wall configuration with 3x3 at optimal Ultra HD 8K resolution in a large 5760x3600 @60Hz and 1920x1200 per screen. Besides, MSB-DP39H allows you to customize the perfect solution for your specific needs. Configure, design, and perform to fit the application environment best by choosing from, linking together, or combining this M3 Box with Aetina’s MDS graphics card as requirement.


Achieve Superior Picture Quality with Ultra 8K /16K

Support 3x3 Ultra HD video wall with an optimal resolution at 5760x3600 or 1920x1200 @60Hz per screen.

Obtain Dynamic Video Wall Configurations by Using Aetina’s Solutions

Leveraging Aetina’s MDS and M3 solutions to create a video wall from any content source for a large display, including professional graphics cards and integrated GPUs.

Note: On AMD GPU table list, MSB-DP39H only supported RX5600 XT & RX5700 XT

Simply, Flexibility and Easy-to-Deploy

With plug & play design, M3 Box does not need to install any driver, providing 1:1 pixel to pixel meticulous output quality without any pixel loss. It is flexibly to set-up displaying with clone and stretched mode, in landscape or portrait configurations.

Support EDID Caching

Support built-in default and hardware EDID, optimizing the displaying quality and stability.

Design Custom Configuration with Aetina MView Power™ Software
Enjoy Immersive View with Convenience

Aetina MView Power™ is the brilliant, intuitive, and easy-installation video-wall editing and management software. Support the editable player, scheduling, local control, and remote monitoring. It is built inside the M3 Player and also supports for Aetina M3 Box. With MView Power, integrators can define display format, as well as efficiently execute advanced pictures and videos. It simplifies the process of video wall content design and management, enabling setup in three quick steps - selecting objects, edit, and play. Powered by the advanced GPU-accelerated hardware performance, MView Power features dynamic multi-layer object mixing and flashing animation for any desirable visual effects.

Key Features

  • Edit to go, user-friendly
  • Support multimedia file format, painting and scheduling functions
  • Easily design elaborate displays of all sizes and configurations
  • Customize configurations to replace the original pre-sets, enabling faster thematic setups
  • Providing unprecedented 8K video playing and 3D visual effects1
  • Extended view-customized area, support PowerPoint or any application in mirror view

Ease to Remote Control, Edit and Monitoring

Providing the console mode, which efficiently make content editing, preview and monitoring directly at the remote end.

Note 1: 8K video playing and 3D visual effects are subject to at least 8GB memory size of the GPU graphics card.


Catalyst your engaging information through Aetina M3 video wall products, whether in a retail store, enterprise building, control room, or public spaces.

  • Medical
  • Traffic
  • Hypermarket
  • Digital Signage
  • Intelligent Surveillance System
  • Enterprises
  • Tradeshow


Model Number
Feature Support
Operation System
Windows 10
Max. Displays per Box
I/O Interface
DP1.4 x3
Max. Digital Input Resolution per Port
5760x1200 @60Hz
Max. Digital Output Resolution per Port
1920x1200 @60Hz
Power Supply
5V 3A D
Heat-Sink with Fan
Mechanical & Environment
Dimensions (mm)
175.0mm (W) x 105.0mm (D) x 38.0mm (H) with Metal Case
Operation Temperature(Standard)
0℃ ~ +45℃
Operation Humidity
5 – 95% non-condensing 
Storage Temperature
Form Factor
Low-profile metal case


Multi-display Splitter Box-MSB-DP39H

Ordering Information

Model Number Description
MSB-DP39H 9-displays, Multi-display Splitter Box, Input DP x 3 + Output HDMI x 9, 0°C to +45°C
Accessories: DP to DP cable x 3 + Adapter 5V 3A DC x1


Model Name File Name OS Version Update Date Download
MSB-DP39H Aetina_MDS_MSB-DP39H_datasheet v1.0 2020-12-10 View
Model Number
Model Number