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Sharpen AI in Rugged Marketplace

Aetina VPX GPU module is designed to include the leading-edge NVIDIA GPU. To mix sophisticated GPU computing capability and the ability of deep learning for rugged systems, the Aetina VPX GPU module maximizes the processing efficiency and accuracy of massive data that occurred in GPGPU tasks, which empowers Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in critical embedded systems.


3U VPX Follow VITA Standards

Aetina VPX GPU module follows the VITA 46.0 and OpenVPX-VITA 65 standards. It’s essential requirements to meet the size, weight and power (SWaP) that the COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) products face in harsh environments. It provides developers with a decisive design and implementation of high-speed, high-performance I/O, and VPX board of low power consumption without considering interoperability between backplanes and host system, reducing development time and risk in building the VPX systems.


Thermal Efficiency without Compromise

Aetina VPX GPU module uses Aetina RobustCool™ thermal system, which contains copper-based heat frame and two wedgelocks with high thermal performance and clamping force. It’s also durable resistance to shock, vibration, and mechanical stress, supporting wide temperature operations.


Brighten Vision 8K via
4x DisplayPort

Aetina VPX GPU module is a CUDA-enable GPU computing engine, equipping with workstation level video graphics performance as well. It features four independent DisplayPort 1.4b displays and Ultra-HD 8K (7680X4320) resolutions supporting via VPX P2.


Customization Service

To provide the best demand solutions to fit your VPX system needs of a variety of applications, Aetina supports the fully tailored customization services, including hardware and added-on-service of conformal coatings.


Our Product Offerings

Quadro RTX 3U VPX



Radar Systems
Ground Vehicles
Sound Navigation and Ranging (Sonar)