Multi-Display Graphics Card
M4-M104mDP_ss M4-M104mDP_front M4-M104mDP_output M4-M104mDP_cable1
M4-M104mDP_ss M4-M104mDP_front M4-M104mDP_output M4-M104mDP_cable1


MDS™ Multi-Display Graphics Card 4x mini DisplayPort with Nvidia GPU for Commercial, Gaming and Infotainment systems

Powered by Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti
• Support four Full HD displays simultaneously
Flexible single-slot, low-profile for space and power-constrained chassis
Large 4GB on-board frame buffer memory
Support true 4K resolutions 3840x2160@ 60 Hz with 30-bit color
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The Aetina MDS M4-M107mDP is a low-profile, single-slot graphics card, powered by Nvidia Maxwell 640 CUDA cores GPU, driving most powerful 3D performance and outstanding computing power, suitable for high-performance required but space- and power-constrained small form factor systems. Natively with 4x mini DisplayPort support up to four displays for true 4K resolution at 3840x2160 @ 60Hz with 30bit color. 4GB GDDR5 on board frame buffer memory and fast bandwidth allows to enable high-definition, larger and dynamic multi-media contents. Whether the applications require a low-power footprint or superior performance per watt per dollar, the Aetina M4-M107mDP helps deliver the performance, features and capabilities to meet your requirements.
● 3 years longevity supply commitment stands out from Industry.
Aetina provides at least planned 3 years longevity guarantee till 2019 January on M4-M107mDP to sustain fixed-BOM requirement in long product lifecycle. As we know the IPC system designers are always looking for a solution to extend system for a long-term lifespan. Aetina enables you to benefit from the fixed configuration and stability which can save the system modification time and total cost.
● Natively 4 mini DisplayPort support true 4K resolution to increase intensity, productivity, scalability.
M4-M107mDP was designed with four natively DisplayPort interface to support fantastic true 4K resolution like 3840x2160@60Hz with 30-bit color, offering delicate picture quality and superb full HD 3D contents for immersive experience. Now, you can gather insights faster by working in an expanded image across up to four displays for a panoramic overview of your workspace, increasing productivity and interacting faster.
● Flexible Single-slot design, suitable for space- and power-constrained SFF systems.
Designed in single-slot copper-base cooling thermal, its flexible low profile card size for easier installation and expanding in-system space, is ideal for small form factor and SWaP (size, weight and power) constrained systems. The blower fan contained two ball bearing, optimizes MTBF and up to 4 times longer lifespan.
● Support Nvidia Surround Technology.
M4-M107mDP supports with Nvidia Surround technology, providing highly flexible display configuration no matter in clone, extended, portrait and landscape, delivering sharpness and eye-catching image quality in 2D and 3D, plus its high-definition video decode acceleration and precise image scaling to offer smooth multimedia experience.
● Enjoy ultimate performance at less power consumption.
Aetina M4-M107mDP powered by Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics processing unit, based Nvidia Maxwell architecture to deliver high efficient power management, as well as 25% better performance than GTX 650 Ti, making it the best choice for low power consumption but performance-demand embedded applications.
● 4GB GDDR5 on board frame buffer memory enables fast memory bandwidth.
● Support Nvidia CUDA Technology.
● Support DirectX 12 API, OpenGL 4.4, Nvidia GameStream, GPU Boost 2.0, PhysX, TXAA, Adaptive VSync, G-SYNC ready, FXAA, 3D Vision and Nvidia Surround, providing high-definition home theater and enjoyed gaming experience.
Model Number M4-M107mDP
Bus Type PCIe 3.0 x16
GPU Architecture NVIDIA Maxwell™
Graphics Processing Unit GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Nvidia CUDA Cores 640
Graphics Clock (Base/Boost) 954
Single-Precision Floating Point 1221.12
Memory Size 4GB GDDR5
Memory Clock 2500
Memory Interface Width 128-bit
Memory Bandwidth 80
DirectX 12 API
OpenGL 4.4
OpenCL 1.2
CUDA Compute Capability support
Support Technology NVIDIA Surround
Operation System Windows® XP
Windows® Vista
Windows® 7
Windows® 8/8.1/10
Max. Displays per Board 4
Max. Digital Display 3840x2160
Max. Analog Display N/A
Outputs 4 mini DisplayPort 1.2
Max. GPU Temperature 95
Max. Board Power Consumption 60 W
Min. System Power Requirement 300 W
Thermal Two-ball-bearing fan
Slot Occupied Single-slot
Form Factor SFF=Small Form Factor (Low profile card)
Dimensions 169.57x68.9
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Model Number Description
M4-M107mDP VGA Card, 0 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
7W5000000060 mini DisplayPort Cable to DVI-D
7W5000000070 mini DisplayPort Cable to VGA