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Video Wall Product


Aetina supplies the Multi Monitors Marvel (M3) video wall products to transform a wide type of video source, image types, and data into spectacular video wall solutions for your creations.

That allows businesses to make eye-catching and premium information delivery, whether the applications are in hypermarket, traffic, hospital, tradeshow, security and enterprises.

The series supports multi-monitors output connection upon a variety of display configurations with the highest-quality, scalability, and flexibility. Including the M3 Box is Aetina’s powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use video wall splitter box, compatible with the content sources from various professional graphics card or integrated GPU. A single M3 Box to drive up to four, eight, nine, and more multi-monitors for Ultra HD display no matter in landscape or portrait mode.It is ideal for building high-density video wall solutions required to deploy in the space-limited configuration.The M3 Player, the video wall controller, is the hardware and software integrated all-in-one high-performance player, providing unprecedented 8K video decoding, displaying, and streaming with a powerhouse of discrete GPU super performance.

Both Aetina M3 Box and M3 Player products are featured and supported with Aetina MView Power™ software tool. With brilliant, intuitive, and easy-installation video wall editing and advanced management functions, MView Power helps convey your business insights into the compelling video wall content.

Series Features


Optimal Array for Multi-Display

Designed and power for small, medium, and large business demanded video wall solutions with flexible and optimal configurations supporting, in 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 8x1, 3x3 and more video wall displays.


Ultra Format Compatibility

Proven compatibility to versatile video formats and signal sources allows for greater flexibility and increased creativity in content options.


Customization and Flexibility

M3 video wall products allow you to customize the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Configure, design and perform to fit the application environment best by choosing from, linking together or combining M3 Box with Aetina’s MDS graphics card as a requirement.


Designed for 24/7 Usages

Open up for high performance and high reliability, Aetina M3 video wall products have engineered for high demanding 24/7 operating environments.


Software Aid to Help

For user convenience, M3 video wall products provide an easy and powerful software tool. Through the intuitive interface, users can maintain vivid content delivery continuously and effortlessly.

Make complex video wall connectivity into simple

Designed for simple, flexible, and powerful multi-display solutions, Aetina M3 Box drives the spectacular Ultra HD video wall up to 4/8/9/12/16 displays. No need to install drivers, easy-to-use, plug and play for high-resolution video wall configurations at any time.

Construct high resolution video wall with all-in-one player

Backed by a powerful discrete GPU inside, Aetina M3 Player is the high-performance all-in-one controller with hardware and software integrated, effectively transforming the outstanding graphics processing and multifunctional content management into an eye-catching video wall solution.

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