Rugged GPGPU Board
Rugged GPGPU Board

Rugged GPGPU Board

Aetina provides industrial-strength graphics cards targeting the harsh environments, and our rugged graphics series includes Compact PCI Express cards as well as industry-specific XMC, VPX form factors, enabling GPGPU computing for embedded systems operating in harsh environments.

By following PMC/VITA standards, we provide variety widespread adoption form factors to the embedded computing markets, an application area where mezzanine cards are frequently employed. With technologies PCI Express supported, high flexibility of alternative I/O functions and Nvidia GPU adopted for more sophisticated performance, allowing Aetina Rugged GPGPU Board series to be perfect off-the-shelf expansion modules for CUDA and I/O requirements of RADAR, UAV, ECM and C4ISR.

Ruggedization services include extended temperatures (-20°C to +70°C) and wide temperature (-40°C to +85°C) operation as well as conformal coatings to protect against environmental hazards including dust, moisture, mechanical stress, harsh chemicals and solder joint corrosion.

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