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Aetina provides the MegaEdge series, the high computing efficiency, compact form factor, and powers with heterogeneous processing to bring AI to the edge. It combines the excellent CPU and GPU to provide a diverse architecture to the system developers and integrators. With the optimized AI computing performance and massive networking capabilities to meet AIoT and edge computing applications, MegaEdge accelerates the local AI inferences and real-time intelligent services.

The Aetina MegaEdge includes the slim and mini tower edge AI computing platforms, that combined with diversified I/O and expansion capabilities of upper GPUs or AI Accelerator modules. With the easy-configuration and upgrades, they have the most competitive price and high performance for space-constrained and low-power applications for the small and medium AI infrastructure.



Combine solid component, rugged design and reliable operation resilience for long-term stability


With different processors, GPUs, storage capacity, size specifications and device interfaces for customers to choose


Secure IT infrastructure and remote connections with protecting authentication and encrypted data


Aetina Intelligent Management (AIM) allows efficient and ease-of-use remote management

Expanding Magnitude GPU-Optimized AI Cross-Industries

Aetina MegaEdge features enormous expansion capability through the expansion kit, which maximizes the utility of discrete GPU cards and AI accelerators for more image processing performance through the PCIe or MXM modules. MegaEdge combines GPU performance in the flexible and economical methods to make parallel processing, access, and execution of large amounts of better and faster data, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), machine vision, and object recognition. Let system developers quickly realize versatile AI applications in manufacturing, logistics, traffic, retail, healthcare, and security, optimizing operational efficiency and ROI.

Let Intelligent Management Always On

Aetina MegaEdge is benefiting from Aetina’s EdgeEye, the browser-accessed Remote Management Platform, that allows you easy to remotely control and monitor the status of scattered platforms, no matter where they are. In the meanwhile, MegaEdge integrates the Innodisk InnoAGE™ SSD which combines Microsoft’s Azure Sphere to guarantee end-to-end secured communication from edge to cloud. It enables both In-Band and Out-of-Band Management, providing remote recovery and reset even if the system crashes. With this intelligent and easy-accessible management toolset, MegaEdge provides you comprehensive management solution to alleviate the challenges of device management, maintenance and edge security in AIoT environments.