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During the IoT era, technology helping people to pursue a higher living quality. The well-designed city brings a better life blueprint for the future. As the scale for the developed city, transit gives a path for people to communicate and separate the culture. So, constructed traffic is not only the infrastructure but also the extent of intelligence and automated for transportation. So these are the mission to improve the traffic system nowadays.

Unclear traffic situation, messy trans-signs, and a sudden car accident can all interrupt the transit, so intelligence transportation system is born to solve the problems. A real-time road condition monitoring ensures the control room is aware of the situation. They can change the trans-sign immediately, even with a car accident, they can handle that in a short time too.

Last but not least, the improvement of peripheral can optimize the circumstance of transit. To mend the convenience of public transportation, the requirements from the smart bus stop, smart train station, and the smart airport is growing. An accessible station platform, real-time arrival/departure information, and personalize podcast system can all bring the suitability from transiting.


CUDA technology support to upgrading transportation application

In aid of the system integrators and the provider of the bid of a government project, Aetina pushes up the intelligent transportation industry by providing several kinds of embedded GPGPU solutions. According to the different applicating environment, different solutions are fitting into various circumstances. Aetina's product takes Nvidia GPU as the computing core. The ability of parallel computing shows high performance and low power consumption for a more significant and more extensive deep learning in neural networking.


Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for transportation industrials
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▌ Smart bus stop
Deploy Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform; providing the real-time arrival of buses, bring convenience for the passengers. Also, put the camera module onto the edge AI computing platform. Cameras can monitor the buses to stop in the right block and does traffic enforcement at the same time. Last, with Aetina high-performance graphics cards, the displays are stable showing the information and commercial for the passengers.

▌ Smart road lamp
Deploy Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform with cameras, not only prospecting the condition on the road but also does the traffic enforcement. Moreover, it will alarm to police unit when an emergency happens.

▌ Smart trans-sign system
Deploy Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform with cameras, support a large amount of monitoring images and car flow real-time inference, solving the problem from traffic jam.

▌ Smart parking management
Aetina Jetson edge AI computing platform can detect and calculate the empty parking space and provide the number for drivers, bringing an easier city life.

▌ Vehicle assistance system
Aetina MXM graphics module execute a high-performance system computing. Promoting transportation and living quality in the city.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for transportation industrials
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▌ Ticket window/Speedgate
Aetina facial recognition solution provide Jetson edge AI computing platform, speed up the passing path with accuracy recognition. Proof the safety in the station.

▌ Metro automation
Metro control system with Aetina MXM graphics module, XMC rugged graphics module can handle numerous computing and accelerate the system operating.

▌ Advertising in the metro station
Aetina high-resolution Turing graphics card can show the commercial clearly. Enrich the entertainment environment in the station.

▌ Advertising in metro train
Aetina multi-display graphics card can connect up to 12 displays at the same time. Build a spectacular video wall and provide a flexible place for traffic information and advertisement.

Aetina provides edge AI computing and GPGPU solutions for transportation industrials
▼ More Detail ▼

▌ Monitoring video wall
Aetina multi-display graphics card can connect up to 12 displays at the same time. Also, it can switch flexible either in 12 pieces or 1 large display.

▌ Transit control system
System with Aetina MXM graphics module bears the computing returns from edge platform all over the city. At the same time, do the inference and analysis to communicate.


The intelligent transportation no longer affected by excessive external factors, and the situation of messy traffic has greatly reduced. The trans-sign system, parking space arrangement, and the planning of road using will all be smarter than before, effectively adapt in real-time conditions.

Aetina provides a series of solutions in the transportation industry, quick deploy in the various applicating environments, and accelerating by GPU computing. Edge AI computing platform gets smart life closer to the passenger; lower the latency and real-time inference, bringing an easier operation. Moreover, with high-resolution display and video wall, building a more comfortable leisure space.